Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What kind of results do clients see?


A) The results my clients  experience are typically massive and very individual, depending on what is going on in their life  


Common Results:

  • Sustainable weight loss

  • A reduction or elimination of pharmaceutical drugs

  • Managing Chronic conditions and illness in a way that heals, instead of  declining or staying status quo

  • Chronic Pain Reduction

  • Healthy digestion and elimination

  • Improvement in Mental Health

  • Healthy Diet implementation and management

  • Stress reduction.  Learning to manage stress in new and improved ways

  • Improved Relationships

  • Increased presence 

  • Trauma Healing and Awareness 


Q) Is this for nurses only?

A) No, this is coaching/consulting/clinical work BY a registered and licensed nurse FOR anyone looking to make real, lasting health change for the long term.  

Q)  What should I expect for our initial session together?

A)   Every session looks a little different because they are driven by you and fluid in nature.  You are the master and owner of your own health.  You know you best, and it is my job to get to know the incredible person you already are, ask you deeply powerful questions, and give you tools to assist in the identified and desired change.  The initial hour session is a deep dive into all areas of your life (Physical body, mental health, spiritual health, relationships, finances, etc.).  It is an opportunity for us to explore your life, and identify areas for change.  It is also a chance for us to get to know one another and begin to establish a trusting relationship.  Many times in this type of coaching, there are deeply held beliefs, patterns, and past traumas that are revealed.  It can often be the obstacle that is limiting growth and change in your life, even though your intention and commitment may be there.  This is why it's important for us to trust one another.   Towards the end of each session I will ask for commitments from you for the next week.  These are actionable items that we have discussed or maybe emerged in your mind during our conversation.  I may also have assignments and resources I share or ask of you.   During the next session together we will go over obstacles, celebrate wins and break throughs, and continue our deep dive into areas that intuitively and organically emerge.   Bottom line...every human that wants to improve their lives, health and happiness can and does benefit from nurse coaching :)

Q) Do you offer a payment plan or flexible payment structure?

A) Absolutely.  Message me to let me know what works for you.  If the cost is an issue for you and you are committed to this process, we may still be able to find something that works for both of us.  Just ask :)

More Questions? Email, call or text me!