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Amyee Oen RN BSN NC

Transformative Life, Health and Wellness Coach


A true wanderer at heart, I have come into coaching after years of navigating my own healing and self discovery journey. From commercial fishing, selling real estate, owning a handful of restaurants, practicing as an emergency room nurse, and finally obtaining my board certification in Nurse Coaching, my journey has been a winding one. I've held positions of high leadership and pushed my body to the max, only to be knocked down by physical injury and illness. True healing has meant empowering myself to be courageous, slowing down and listening to my body, being patient and kind when I wanted to push, setting hard boundaries, and constantly showing up for me first, even when others need me. 


I've found my passion in guiding and nurturing women through their own healing journey-one that is as unique and individual as they are. Through empowerment, self discovery, deep inward exploration, slowing down, and healing past trauma-our work together forever changes their life... and thats what lights me up, the deep stuff. I'm here for the real transformation and healing, always. You ready? 

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Life Balance

An aligned and empowered life

Solid self care routines and rituals 

A safe container for exploration of new endeavors, dreams, and goals.

Mindfulness and meditation practice integration

Presence to enjoy your everyday life

A reduction in stress, anxiety, and fear

Help with navigating how to heal from trauma 

Weight loss from diet and lifestyle modifications 

Improvement in self image and self esteem

Healthy diet modifications and food prep accountability

Management of Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain 

Improved connection with others

Increased self awareness

Establishment of needed boundaries

Passion for your life

Increased Energy

Improved relationships with loved ones and/or establishment of new relationships




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Amyee guided me into a comfortable, safe space that for once, allowed me to look at me.  She listened to my stories and asked me questions that I sometimes struggled to answer. These questions made me realize how much I had forgotten about myself, who I was, and what I wanted out of life.  Amyee guided me into making my own weekly commitments that helped me see that no matter what happens in life around me, I still matter.  With each week I could feel myself becoming stronger.  I started pulling together all the positive things I had left behind and started reincorporating them into my life again.  Amyee truly helped me, rediscover me.  My boundaries, passions, dreams, laughter and that sparkle that had left my eye, started becoming mine again.  The true shelter I was searching for all along was within me.  


I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Amyee.  If you are committed to doing the work, I highly encourage you to reach out! This is for anyone, who has become lost in the chaos of life. This is for the person who needs to rediscover happiness, passion, self-love, healing or forgiveness.  This is for the person who is taking the time to read this.  Because whatever your reason is, you deserve it.


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